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Freedom From Stress






About the Course

In this Collection you get -

* Self Massage - Headache, hand & foot massages you can do yourself.

* Muscle Tension Reduction - Step by Step Guide to relax your muscles & whole body.

* Essentials Oils - Includes list of Essential Oils for Stress, how to use them in daily practises.

* Stress Reducing Diet - Learn about the great foods to help relieve stress & anxiety. Includes a daily menu guide example.

* Exercise - List of stress relief benefits plus some exercise ideas for at home.

* 30 min Movement Session Video - Grab a pillow & mat & get into a pure state of bliss with this unique stress relieving, anxiety busting light movement session.

* Meditation - List of meditation benefits, tips on how to prepare for a great experience & a quick and easy relaxation you can do anywhere.

* 11 min Guided Meditation - Relax and listen while we guide you to total relaxation with the 'Stress Less' meditation. Get calm & let your worries disappear.

* Relaxing Music - Learn the right tempo for best relaxation. Find out how to use music to relax, with activity ideas to enhance the benefits of music for stress relief. 

* 7 x Relaxing Music Audios - Set at the perfect tempo to bring balance to your heart beat, and leave you feeling calm and light.

* "Anti Anxiety Formula Ebook" - 96 pages includes.....

Chapter 1: You & your anxiety. How to overcome stuck points

Chapter 2: Your mind, your body. How to face your inner demons.

Chapter 3: Overcoming resistance to change.

Your Instructor

Brian Chung

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Brian Chung
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