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Personal Training

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When you hear the words personal training, you might get a sudden pang of anxiety and stress. We get it. Fitness and personal training has been portrayed as something for fit people or for those really dedicated or those who are ok with being yelled at and pushed to their limits.

This is not what real personal training is about. It’s about creating a fitness regime that works for YOU. One that will gently encourage you to try new things, but make it completely comfortable along the way.

Fitness doesn’t have to be boring or hard. It can be fun and engaging.

At Quality, we understand this. We see results achieved, fabulous results… from fun and engaging training.

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Studio Classes

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At Quality, our highly engaging, fun, warm, non judgemental fitness classes are a highlight of our offerings.

You don’t have to be fit, you don’t have to be a certain age, you don’t have to have the latest lululemon activewear.

You are simply accepted exactly as you are, with open arms.

Expect fun, a fabulous vibe, and the big possibility of becoming totally addicted to our studio classes!

Health & Nutrition Coaching

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There is so much information, noise and confusion when it comes to what to eat, how much, what is the right exercise, how much etc etc.

In a nutshell, we simplify it for you. We make it easy. We give you everything you need.

If you want to get your health and nutrition back on track.. we are the one stop shop with no confusion.

Our coaching comes with nutrition plans, mindset plans to keep you focused and exercise plans.. that will have you shaking your head at how easy it is when you cut out all the confusing noise.

Small Group PT

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Our small group personal training sessions are not your normal sessions….

These are not only very specifically created to suit your needs, but they are also made so that you have FUN AND ENJOY them, while achieving your personal health & wellness goals.

At Quality, we have a way of inspiring you so you don’t feel pushed beyond your limits, yet achieve more than you ever thought possible.

We believe it’s not about how hard you go, but about how effective your movements are.

We keep your movements safe and ensure that injury is prevented due to keeping your exercises mixed to prevent overuse and aligning your exercises so you work all body parts evenly.

While still always ENSURING you enjoy the session. 

Rapport is also important -
We are experts at making you feel comfortable and welcome.
We also understand that PT sessions can seem daunting.

You will be surprised at how much you can LOVE & ENJOY personal training.

And our groups are warm, welcoming and fun! You will fit in with ease.


Fitness Workouts

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Check out our fitness workouts you can own for life.

Specifically targeted workouts with a difference.

All our workouts are unique, very user friendly and enjoyable.

Fitness Ebooks

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Check out our range of fitness ebooks with workout plans and exercises that you can have at your fingertips with ease

Online Fitness

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This is our amazing subscription service where you get a value packed month of


Workout plan


Mindset resources

Bonus workouts

We embrace a balanced approach to our fitness and workouts, so you will find a range of exercises and movements such as

Cardio, High Impact, Low Impact, Weights, Body Weight Training, Boxing inspired moves, Mobility, Stretch, Balance, Toning, Core work, and more!!!

Our toolbox is for those who are looking to care for and nurture  their bodies, without gruelling uncomfortable, painful workouts!

Nutritional Programs for Weight Loss, Maintenance and General Heath

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At Quality, we aspire to provide eating programs that embrace a whole food way of life.

Our programs have been tried and tested on hundreds of women and have successfully achieved fabulous results.

We have a range of programs to suit your goals.

We have 4, 8 and 12 week programs. With nutrition plans, recipes, workouts, workout plans, inspiring daily messages, mindset hacks to keep you on track and more!!!

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