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At Quality,

we proudly offer an array of fitness classes that provide -

• excellent core strength

• injury prevention specific movements

• different levels so you can ALWAYS go at your own pace and BE LED with beautiful options

• mobility moves that are posture specific so you can avoid shoulder, neck and back issues

•full body strength and flexibility

And so much more!   

Our very highly trained instructors not only give you EXACTLY what you need to feel AMAZING & STRONG from the inside out, but we CARE about you.  

We support your unique journey from the moment you walk in and can give you EXACTLY what you need, based on your specific needs.

Although we LOVE to have fun... We are here to provide your body with EVERYTHING IT NEEDS to support your lifestyle, so you can enjoy a beautiful active lifestyle, no matter what age you are.

We also provide weight loss programs and individual coaching that is a high-level service, where you will achieve EXACTLY what you set out to. Our guarantee will leave you feeling so fabulous, ensuring success with your health endeavors.    

We are the place where you can come where everyone knows your name, there's no comparison, only support and a place to feel totally comfortable and accepted.   

Your HEALTH is what we care about, it's our passion and rest assured you will be looked after so very well with us.

Message us or contact us on 0448530921 to start your health journey and achieve your new lease on life!!  

Suz and Andrew  


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Current Offer

Includes access to any group fitness class on our timetable including Mobility, Strength, Stretch, Boxing inspired, Flow, Balance, Low Impact, Circuit, Cardio, Zumba + more

(*Conditions Apply)
(*Does not include Specialised Small Group Training or Specialised Courses)

- Pay ONLY $88 to have ACCESS to 8 of our group fitness classes for 2 MONTHS!!!!!! 

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