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Mala Beads

ABOUT SUZ - Early on in the year.. I found myself in a place where I became in touch with my very spiritual essence and became open to the unconditional love energy that is both within me and that surrounds me. It threw me into a new 'consciousness' and 
it was the most lifechanging period of my whole entire existence and threw me into a new life that I had no idea was coming, nor existed.
Through this change, I found out why I had collected 1000's upon 1000's of high quality glass, crystal, lamp work and semi
precious gemstone beads throughout the last 20 years of my life.

"I cannot explain the feelings that come forth from creating these marvelous beauties.

One the most beautiful things I have ever created, and one of the most loving gifts that could ever be passed on.

The pure love, calming, abundant energy is placed into these pieces during their creation. They are set with a special unique intention and cleansed and untouched, ready for their new owner to create their own beautiful energy with. They come with special unique affirmations.
It is with the greatest pleasure, the greatest love, that I am sooooo VERY VERY EXCITED TO OFFER these loving energy Malas for SALE for the first time ever!!! -  Enjoy, with love, Suzanne x"


Using your thumb and third finger (earth and sky), work through the beads, one at a time, from the first bead closest to the guru, all the way up until you reach the final bead before the guru again. Do not cross the guru. You may finish your intentions here or work back again the other way. Say your intentions/affirmations as you cross from bead to bead.

You can choose your own intentions/affirmations, or utilise the intentions/affirmations included.

Much love, clarity and peace.


Once I put them on I never wanted to take them off soooo beautiful and they FEEL amazing (had to take them off to clean/cook etc so they don’t get ruined!) but they are amaaaaaaazing ! So in love with them

— Katie

I Have bought 2. A long one called Dream Weaver and a shorter one for Happiness/Health. Loooooove them. Can highly recommend these beautiful Malas that Suz has passionately made and presented

— Fiona

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