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ANY movement has GREAT health benefits

Your body is always trying to preserve energy for survival.

It takes energy to move muscles and joints.

If you stop moving them, the body will slowly degenerate because it feels there is hardly a need for them.

Read that again!!!! Rest it for too long and you could be looking at a life filled with body issue after body issue! A body that literally 1/2 works for you!!

Some say ‘it feels like it’s falling apart’

And well... this is correct!

But it NEVER has to be this way! You can change it! You can decide to do something about it. TODAY

And your body will respond. It will get the message that it’s needed for more activities again. It will give back to you.

It always is .... you’ve just got to make sure the signals you are giving your body, are the right ones.

It doesn't have to be much... just 5 minutes and then maybe a little more each day. The act of just moving, will send the message to your body that it needs to be stronger so you can move through life easier.

Movement never has to be something that makes you feel yucky at the thought of it. ANY movement is great! x

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