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Yoga is waaay easier than you think!

Are fitness instructors there to actually help people or to look good in front of them?

It’s ok to be a role model, but when you are presenting movements and exercise that is hardly doable for your clients, WHAT THE HELL are you even doing there?

I’ve always wondered about this……

Don’t these egotistical trainers realise that all they are creating is an environment where people feel like they ‘CAN’T’ do it!!

Why on earth would ANY TEACHER, MENTOR OR INSTRUCTOR want to provide a class that makes any learner feel inadequate?

I know there’s a line. Some people aspire to watch and learn what the instructor is doing, but if you are like most people, when you are moving into something new, YOU WANT TO FEEL LIKE YOU CAN MAYBE ATTEMPT SOME OF IT!

Take Yoga for example. I AM SICK AND TIRED of images of instructors doing crazy backbends and all this stuff, that makes most people RUN FOR THE HILLS!

I personally WOULD NEVER HAVE GONE NEAR IT, except that I have an uncanny desire to learn EVERYTHING I CAN TO HELP PEOPLE and provide as much as I can for clients.

I was SOOOOO SCARED WHEN I TRIED it! Because of all the images that made me feel so unflexible, not one bit bendy, nor capable!

BOY DID I GET A SURPRISE when I realised that Yoga is SOOOOO EASY to do!

It was never about being bendy, or doing contortionist acts. It was being presented ALL WRONG!

It is about stretching, and this looks different for everyone.

It is about harnessing the ease of flow of movements and allowing your own body to take you on your own personal journey.

My job is to show people this! And if they don’t want to do it on the floor, show them another way. And if they don’t like it that way, show them another.

Onto the next example….

Dance. It is very rare that you will see me go to my full potential in a class.

I’m NOT THERE TO IMPRESS. I’m there to teach and lead and ‘SHOW’ them how to do it..AT THE LEVEL THEY ARE AT.

It’s the ONLY WAY to truly give people the gift of opening up their lives to new possibilities.

I guess that’s the difference between a teacher and a performer.

Are we there to perform or teach?

I know what we desperately need more of in our industry..

And it certainly ain’t the performers!!!


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