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Health & Nutrition Coaching

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There is so much information, noise and confusion when it comes to what to eat, how much, what is the right exercise, how much etc etc.

In a nutshell, we simplify it for you. We make it easy. We give you everything you need.

If you want to get your health and nutrition back on track.. we are the one stop shop with no confusion.

Our coaching comes with nutrition plans, mindset plans to keep you focused and exercise plans.. that will have you shaking your head at how easy it is when you cut out all the confusing noise.

Chakra Healing Energy Consult


Come for an energy chakra healing with a special consult that includes a sit down session where we determine where your body is misaligned through the chakra energy systems. Followed by a personally created 100% essential oils spray/oil of your choice.

Consult includes

3 essential oil body sprays

3 esential oil rollers

How to apply for realignment chart

Info sheet on the signs of imbalance and balance of chakras

Custom affirmations especially tailoured to your unique needs.

Fitness for the Mind Ebooks

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Browse our beautiful collection of ebooks that include eguides, practical handbooks, mind altering information, short ebooks and more…. to take you to a new state of being to help you enjoy a better life.

Fitness for the Mind Collections

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Our collections are packed with valuable and practical information and tools to help you feel amazing and bring a pep in your step!

Guided Meditations

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Come on a journey of relaxation, stress relief, presence, self discovery and find yourself in a new state of mind that will help you to embrace life in a more calm, light and joyful way.

Jewelry of Mind Health

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One of our favourite things to do is to take beautiful quality beads and make magic with them.


Our pieces are stunning, but when you learn the benefit and meaning of them all, you will fall in love.

Each piece is unique and completely handmade with so much love, care, healing and comforting and beautiful energy.

Take a look in our store. There is something for everyone (even the kids).

FM -Essential Oil - Chakra
FftM - Ebooks
FftM - Collections
FftM - Meditations
FftM- Jewelry


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